Monday, October 6, 2008

“I didn't know you could move so fast” 10/4

Those were the words spoken by my husband just moments ago. What was the reason for my swift feet? Apparently giant spiders don't travel alone. Once again we had an eight legged visitor in our bathroom. This time Darin was the lucky person to first spot the beast. It's after 10 here, so the kids are sleeping and we will be going to bed soon, so I had to go serve as an extra set of eyes as there was NO WAY we'd be going to bed if that thing managed to get away. I even kept guard by myself as Darin went in search of the camera. Sadly, it must be in the car, so we have no photographic evidence, but don't worry, you can just go back to the “All creatures great and small” post and imagine the same spider pictured, only a maybe a shade lighter in color.

Our can of Doom again proved to be quite handy. We are going to leave it in the bathroom from now on. Once again Mr. Spider climbed on the fly swatter and was transported thru the swirling vortex of horror. Now the two spiders have been reunited in the septic tank. Let's just hope spiders have a two per household limit, dead or alive.

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