Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today's the Day

In 3 hours, we will be putting the last few items in our van and heading for the airport. As I sit here listening to Jori NOT sleep, I start feeling a little more nervous about heading out. I am really excited to be going. God has given us a great opportunity and He has blessed us with the means to go (and a very supportive church). Everything has fallen into place. We have a great place to stay while we are in SA, we are renting a vehicle through a missionary Darin knows for much less than a regular rental car would be, we have missionaries staying in our house who just happen to be on leave the months we are gone. God has provided for us. So why worry?

Ok, so those who know me, I mean REALLY know me, will understand that even under perfect circumstances I tend to get really anxious. I do not do well with change and this is a huge change. I think I adapt pretty quickly once a change occurs, but the time before the change is full of lots of worry and panic from me. So as I sit here listening to Jori NOT sleep and know that Tyson has NOT pooped (and was up 4 times last night complaining of a sore stomach) my anxiety starts to rise. Poor Darin has to deal with most of my craziness and I'm sure he'll be dealing with the kids a lot on the plane because I get to the point where I just can'T HANDLE IT ANYMORE!!!! Ok, deep breath.

As a very wise woman recently said to me, getting ready for this trip is like getting ready for a wedding. You can plan for months and months in advance, but you'll still be running around at the last minute and things are bound to go wrong, but in the end you DO get married. We might forget to charge the DVD player, or pack our sunglasses and our kids might have major meltdowns on the plane, but in the end, we WILL get to South Africa. Not only that, but we will have a great time meeting lots of new people and seeing some pretty amazing things. Lord willing, we will not forget anything major and our kids will exceed our expectations during the trip over.

We know we have lots of people praying for us today and I know those prayers will get us to where we are going with our sanity intact. Thanks for thinking of us.

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Anonymous said...

YOU WILL get to're right! It's almost 12am here and you are on my mind. I just keep praying that things with the kids are going well. I keep thinking about what you might be up to every minute and how it's all going. I read your 'farewell' e-mail and you made me cry. I'm missing you so much already and I already reached for the phone to call you tonight about something crazy on ANTM! It's just not the same without you here. My notebook will soon be filling up! :) God does provide and He'll be with you every step of this adventure. You will be in our thoughts every day. Love you! Love, JRJJ