Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One more sleep

Tomorrow is the big day. A little after 5 pm we will be flying through the friendly skies on our way to Africa. We are definitely keeping busy before we go. I just spent an hour at the doctor with Tyson. He has been having stomach problems since 2 Fridays ago. Today we got a second set of x-rays to see if things are "moving". One side has cleared a little, but the other had no change. Now we are trying cherry juice and miralax. The doctor wanted to get a blood sample just to rule out any more serious problems. This isn't normal procedure, but a precaution because we are leaving the country tomorrow. So the nurse came in to draw his blood and he flipped out. Both kids have had several shots in the past few months and we had told them that shots were all done. Poor Tyson. He was clinging on me and crying for daddy to come take him home. Then to make it worse, the nurse couldn't get any blood. I don't think Tyson had much to drink this morning and that caused a problem. He doesn't want to drink, because it makes him feel so full and uncomfortable. So after three tries, lots of screaming and crying from Tyson and praying from mommy the nurse went to ask the doctor how necessary the blood work was. Our options were head to the hospital or forget about it. I decided to forget about it. South Africa is modern enough that we will be able to get medical attention if needed, and I could not put him through any more procedures today. (He'd already had suppositories and an enema at home.) So we hope things start happening for Tyson soon.

The doctor visit took most of the morning. It is already lunch time and we haven't done very much. Darin did go to Love INC and bought two suitcases. We found a hole in the corner of one suitcase last night and in my mind, I picture my clothes strewn all over the baggage claim. Darin wasn't too worried about it, but he knows how I can be and put my fears to rest. Tyson is heading over to play with Jenna in a little while and Jori will be taking a nap. Darin has a few things he needs to do at Innotec so he will be heading out to do that. I will be packing. It has to end sometime, right?

We are excited to be going. I can tell I am starting to get a little anxious, but that is the norm for me. I just keep praying and I know God will continue to give us His peace. What more could we ask for? We know that many of you are praying for us as well and that you will continue to do so while we are gone. Pray for Tyson to start feeling better and that nothing more serious is going on. Pray for Jori to take a long nap before we leave tomorrow to prevent a major meltdown on the plane. Pray for Darin who has been dealing with bad allergies the last two days (after years of not having any problems). Pray for me that I just stay calm during all this hurrying around. Thanks for thinking of us!

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Anonymous said...

It's like a whirlwind reading your blog sometimes! Life is sure crazy for you right now but exciting as well! We are sad to see you go and we will miss you TONS. We will be praying for you each and every day and wondering what you will all be up to...lions and all! I'm not sure where I will turn when I need to make my phone calls to my dear friend for all kinds of fun advice! Your listening ear will sure be missed! Anyway...I hope packing goes ok today and we will see you soon for the trip to the airport! WE LOVE YOU! Love, JRJJ