Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're Here!!

I am sitting in our “Africa House” right now writing this on Darin's laptop. We do not have internet access here, so we will have to upload this when we get to an internet cafe, hopefully sooner than later. Hopefully it works. We had a great trip out here, other than the flights taking what seemed like forever. The kids did great. Really and truly. One big “oops” on our part (mostly my part) is that we took the wrong batteries for Tyson's Leapster so he couldn't use it the whole time we traveled. We were so crunched for time on our transfers that we couldn't stop at any shops to buy the right voltage. In Detroit we were literally running for our plane while they called “Fey, party of four” several times overhead. Amsterdam was a tight connection too, but we weren't being summoned by loud speaker, so we were able to walk at a fast pace and not run. We are so thankful that we traveled with another Innotec couple, Jason and Elizabeth Cook, who helped us schlep our stuff through the airports and have been great with the kids.
Last night we stayed in little cottages at a Nazarene conference grounds. The keys were not available when we arrived and after standing around for over an hour, we finally got in to our room and put the kids to bed. We all slept until 11:30 after getting to bed after midnight. We were picked up from the airport from some very kind people, Bill, Theresa and David. We are actually using Bill and Theresa's vehicle while we are here. They are heading to the States on Sunday. The car is made to seat 5, but this morning when we headed for Hammanskraal (where we are living) we fit 6 people and all of our luggage, which included 5 large suitcases, 2 giant backpacks, two strollers, two car seats, and various pieces of carry on baggage. To say we were squished is an understatement, but we made it. On the way to Hammanskraal, our car started making funny noises. We believe we lost our air conditioning, the power steering started acting up and now the battery light has been on. Once we stopped, we saw that a belt had broken, which would explain seeing something that we thought was part of the tire fly out from under the car while we were driving. Hopefully we are getting all the mishaps out of the way these first couple days and it will be smooth sailing from here on out.
Tyson and Jori are having a great time. Jori keeps saying “We in Africa now?” and she loves to say “hi” to all the bugs and even the spikes on the trees. Tyson has already made several friends over at Tshepo Ya Bana (the children's home). Thankfully we are right across the road and will be able to spend a lot of time visiting over there. Tyson's stomach issues seem to be righting themselves. In other words, the kid is pooping! We are so thankful he is ok. Right now they are both sleeping together in one room. I think it took an hour for them to settle down, but we'll see how it goes tomorrow. We are hoping they both sleep in again tomorrow so that we can all get some much needed rest.
Darin does much better with all the travel and jet lag. I am heading to bed myself and it is not quite 10 pm. We are looking forward to getting out tomorrow and getting some more groceries other than the milk and butter we picked up to make mac and cheese. Thanks for all the prayers. They have been making a huge difference so far.

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