Monday, September 15, 2008

The Kids

Right now Tyson is with Darin, driving Liz to the hospice in town. He loves going on drives with daddy. Jori is in her bed yelling for daddy. She was calling mommy a couple minutes ago, but I told her to stop or she would get a spank. Both kids were up before 6 this morning, so she should ready to sleep again by now, but you never know. Now she's out. We'll try nap time again for both kids after lunch.

Sometimes I think I see less of the kids now that we are here than I do when we are home. It could be that Darin is here and often takes them on a walk or, like this morning, on a drive. There is also a lot more space for them to run around, and since it is fenced in I more easily let them out of my site. You've already heard about Tyson following Amos around and now Jori has decided to follow him as well.

Tyson and Jori have both been making friends across the road. Their favorite friend is Stompy, or as my kids say, Stumpy. The best description I have for Stompy, is that he is the African Tyson. Some of the workers have even said that Stompy has met his match in Tyson. They love to run after each other and go on the trampoline together. They are both high energy and louder than the other kids. Jori tries to keep up with them too. The little girls are very quiet so Jori doesn't pay as much attention to them. We have been going over in the afternoon when the volunteers fill up the little pool. It is a nice diversion for everyone.

Tyson has been loving his Leapster video game. He doesn't totally understand how to use it, but he is catching on. It has been a great diversion for him and it has also become a great help in disciplining him. When he doesn't listen, he doesn't get to play the rest of the day. It seems to have made an impact on him, more than other things we've tried.

Ok, I wrote all that on the 11th. Now it is the 15th, but I'll write some more kid stuff before ending this post. Since being in Africa, both kids have had a drop in appetite. I am not sure if it is the different food or what, but both Tyson and Jori usually eat seconds or even thirds at home, and now they often don't finish what's on their plate. I am having a hard time finding snacks that they like as well. I am used to convenience food, like prepackaged pudding and fruit snacks and animal crackers from the vending stuff. Now I have to remember to make the pudding and I can't find animal crackers. The yogurt must taste different to them as well, because they don't seem to enjoy it as much.

Most days the kids are just tired. They both get up around 6 and Tyson doesn't nap. Jori sometimes takes naps very early in the day and is tired by afternoon again. I am sure that affects their eating among other things. There's lots of whining and frustration. Tyson especially often seems frustrated about different things. Even with all the changes, they both are doing great. We are thankful that other than fever, coughing and runny noses they have both been healthy.

Stay tuned for our animal adventures...


Anonymous said...

You crack me up...'other than the runny noses, fever, coughing...they've so healthy!' :) I hope they are better soon! I just sent you an e-mail filling you all in on the activities here! I leave on Wed. for the wedding so the real excitement will begin! Have a great you JRJJ

Anonymous said...

You have written about the kids, but how are you and Darin holding up being up at 6? Early to rise then early to bed? I hope you are really enjoying your time too and getting a little rest:) It is great to hear all about your time there. We really enjoy it! Take care...Jen, Cal, and Dana

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love all the stories. And it is great that Tyson has found another mini "him" - I can't even imagine what an incredible "cultural" wave this all is.(even though your kids don't know it). How are the leopard dreams??? Have you (Jonna) been able to meet any women to "hang out" with over there? Hope to hear shortly that everyone is back to 100% healthy!

Sarah said...

I just love little Stompie. Please take a lot of pictures of the TYB kids to show me when you get home. Kaden really loved playing with Stompie too.

Didn't you have crazy leopard dreams last time you were there? I remember something about a mechanical leopard or something:) Ha

Anonymous said...

All the things (you and) your kids are going through are perfectly normal -- living in a different culture is stressful in one way or another for everyone, kids included. Culture shock manifests itself in different ways for different people. And how it manifests itself will change during your time there, sometimes day by day. Sounds like you are enjoying your time there -- I'm so glad. It is so fun reading your posts. Thanks for the updates! Make the most of each day!

Oh, yes... small washing machine. Been there, done that :-)