Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today we went to Temba Baptist, which is a church we first visited when we came here in 2002. We were a little worried about how the kids would be because the service is quite long. They both did great during the singing. After taking time to look around and get used to seeing all African people, except for our little group and one other couple, they both were up clapping and Jori was dancing. We brought a few little toys to keep them occupied, but Jori quickly got bored. I ended up taking her outside and gave her the sandwich we brought along. She shared some of it with a new little friend she made. He did not speak English so I could not get his name. She just kept saying “come friend, come” and then off they'd go. The rest of the service, for Jori, was spent picking up “little apples” (a seed of some kind) and sitting in dirt. Needless to say, she was filthy by the time we left for home and her dress will never be the same. She had a great time and the next time we are at Temba Baptist, her mom will smile and watch her little girl with a dirt streaked face make new friends and smile big smiles.
Tyson actually sat with Darin the whole time. Darin said he was quite restless and tipped a chair over at one point, but did ok. After church he was busy making friends as well. We happened to be at church for their cultural celebration. Many of the people at church were dressed in their tribal colors. There was a meal served after church. We were put in a special room with nice dishes and special food while everyone else ate outside. Our kids didn't eat and Jori was crying most of the time. Darin and I took the kids and headed to the butcher to get some meat while Jason and Liz stayed to watch some cultural dancing. It was a long, but nice morning.
Amos, the gardener, goes to the Full Gospel Church. He would like us to visit there and meet his family, so sometime we will get to experience that as well. I am sure they will also have a lively worship service.

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