Wednesday, September 10, 2008

May I Help You?

Each time you enter a parking lot in the area, you are accosted, I mean assisted, by an overly eager parking attendant. For some, this is an actual paid position. They've been hired by a business to keep trouble out of the parking lot. For many others, it is a way to make some money. Usually when your car is spotted, you'll see arms windmilling around, directing you to park in a certain spot. Oddly enough, you often pass up better spots and endure more hazards, like cars backing up, to get to where they want you to park. When we pile out, Darin usually asks the “guard” to keep an eye on the car. They do much more than that. Most times we have been to the grocery store, and we do go quite often, our guard is right outside the doors, waiting for us to be checked. (Before you leave the store, you must show your receipt, much like at Sam's Club back home, and then you may exit.) So when we exit, there's our parking guy, waiting to help us push the cart or carry bags. Most times he just reaches over and grabs the cart, even as you are still pushing it. Once we reach our car, he helps us load it up, and then Darin gives him some change, and if Darin reads this before sending it on to you all, he can give you an idea of how much he gives.
It's just another thing that makes living here so very interesting.


Lia Leenstra said...

That is one thing I do not miss - all the parking attendants! No more tipping! I often ask scott how much have we spent on tipping people. I know it is a big help to some attendants, but everyday for 13 months gets kinda old.

I loved reading your updates. It is so awesome to keep a journal of your experiences. I am eager to read your last post just before you head home.

I am jealous of the visuals of how calm and slow paced you guys are sitting out and drinking your coffee IN AFRICA!! I miss it!

You are in our thoughts and prayers and I am glad things are going well!!

Anxious for the next postings!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the blogs! It is so good to hear about your everyday life and how the kids are doing. We truly missed you guys at Sm. Group on Tuesday. :( So it is nice to be able to "connect" with you this way. I have to say that my favorite by far is the leopard dreams/and prayer. I was definitely laughing out loud. I can also picture the leopard picture in your room...can't you drape a towel over it or something!? haha.

Anonymous said...

oops...that was from Abbie W. :)

Sarah said...

Angie, James' wife, cuts hair in Pretoria. She does a great job and Anna gives you a wonderful head massage. I'm sure Chris would give you her number.

Grandma Karen said...

Tyson & Jori (Mom & Dad, too)
It sounds like you are having such a great time in Africa! Grandma Karen wishes that she could be their with you for a few days so I could see all the different bugs and animals that you have seen. Tyson, it sounds like you are being such a good helper to Amos - wow what a big guy you are! And Jori, you are such a big girl, finding new friends to play with, that is very special!!
We are anxious to see pictures of your house and the surrounding area, it sounds so beautiful!
We miss you but are so happy that things are going well. We got a call from Uncle Evan yesterday and he is coming home tonight on the airplane - we are excited to see him but won't be able to until Saturday afternoon. He has to work this weekend at the base.
Uncle Israel is going to take Uncle Evan for "show and tell" on Monday - he's excited about that!
Take care! Hugs and kisses from Grandma Karen, Grandpa Rick & Uncle

Anonymous said...

I really miss you! I realize how nice it is to just have a place to go when you are really going crazy or 'Mcdondald's playland anyone?' :) Glad to hear you are doing well and I had to laugh when I pictured you in the 'not so equipped' kitchen! I hope you're not out of macaroni yet! OK...I have to get back to building legos. Love you and hope to hear more soon. Love, JRJJ

Anonymous said...

Great to read your updates and hear about your life there.... I'm picturing our family in Thailand as I read. ENJOY. Be a blessing and be blessed. Rose