Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Guest

This afternoon, Darin, my eagle eyed husband, started yelling for us to all look out the window towards our front gate. I thought there must be an impala out there so I was looking around at impala level. Then Darin said there was a giant lizard out there. We put our shoes on and headed outside with the camera in tow. Sure enough, right outside of the gate was a HUGE lizard, at least three feet long. The crazy thing must have thought we couldn't see it behind the tuft of grass he was “hiding” behind because he just kind of crouched there. Tyson and Jori thought it was pretty neat, although Jori kept calling it a snake. Darin decided to get a little closer, while the rest of us stayed behind the fence. The thing still didn't move, so Darin took matters into his own hands. He started tossing rocks (not throwing) to try and rouse the beast. The first two did nothing, but the third must have been too close for comfort. If you haven't ever seen a lizard run, let me tell you those things can haul tail. It went tearing through the grass and leaves all along the fence and then ran up a huge tree. Darin followed it over there and managed to get a few more shots (pictures, people, he wasn't still throwing rocks).
We walked across the road later in the day and showed Mark Harding the pictures. He said it was a Rock Monitor, a pretty harmless lizard that may hit you with it's tail if you get too close. We definitely reached our excitement quotient for the day, thanks to our friendly neighborhood Monitor. Pictures coming soon!


La Shawn said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!!!!!

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