Thursday, October 29, 2009

Post Family Farm 2009

We had a beautiful fall day on Wednesday and decided to take advantage of the sunshine and head to the Post Family Farm. Rachel, Jenna and JJ came along with us for a fun filled afternoon. Some children did not leave their crabbiness at home.

Exhibit A:Guess who wanted to be holding the kitty.

Her joy was short lived as the mother cat appeared and I made her put the kitty down before she was attacked by the not so happy mama.

We saw some tractors getting ready to head out to the pumpkin patch and decided it was time for a hayride. At this point, both children were happy (or they look happy next to JJ's pirate/constipated expression).

Then they took turns being not so happy. See Exhibits B and C below.
Could they not have acted a bit happier to be taking a picture with their MOM, who usually misses out on all opportunities to be photographed with her children?

At least they had fun checking out the pumpkins in the field.

Then it was time to ride the pumpkin train. Getting 4 children to look at the camera and smile became an impossible task.
Even getting my own two children to smile was no walk in the park. I did manage to get Tyson to lift his head up off the steering wheel, so I could that as a victory.

Here is my best group shot. Even the threat of missing out on pumpkin donuts was ignored as one certain child in particular still could not be persuaded to look at my camera.
Tyson came through for me and did a special pose for his daddy. "Huh?" We really did have a fun day. It was just a long day for my two kids who have been getting up before 6 and not realizing it is their best interest to go back to bed for another hour!!


Victoria Haveman said...

I can totally relate to the photo of you with the kids!! I'm usually yelling or begging please just smile and be happy for one photo with mommy!!

Anonymous said...

Your narration makes me laugh- I think that's true for most kids! It's so hard getting them all to look and smile at the same time... and when they're done taking pictures- they're DONE. :) Looks like you and Rachel had a fun day with the kids! Tami