Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The kids

Tyson and Jori both love to sing and dance. This summer they went to one really fun VBS together and Tyson went to one with a friend. They loved the songs they sang at these programs and thanks to some special Cd's, they've been able to keep singing all summer long!

I remember singing this song in Calvinettes (GEMS for any young people reading this). The best part of the song was "squeeze a friends knee", which they did not get to do at VBS.

Here is my bouncy little girl. She had already listened to and bounced her way through this WHOLE song two times without stopping her hopping. I know that I could not out bounce this kid!

We are gearing up for school to start. I know a lot of you have kids that are already back in school or heading back next week. Tyson will be starting 1st grade at Park Elementary School on the 7th. He is so excited to be heading back to school! Just last week, Darin and I decided to switch Jori to a new preschool. She will still be going three mornings a week, but will now be at Georgetown Christian Preschool. She doesn't start until the 13th, but would gladly head off tomorrow.

We have been having such a great summer and are looking forward to squeezing in some more fun over the next week. Then it will be time to switch gears. I will actually have to set an alarm instead of sleeping in while my kids entertain themselves! All good things must come to an end...

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