Saturday, August 28, 2010


Can you see that I've been busy over here in my little corner of the blogosphere? I've made a few change to our blog and would love to know what you think! So please leave me a comment and tell me if you like what I've done.

First, I've added a link to our Picasa web albums on the right side of the page. When working properly, you should see a few of the most recently added pictures displayed and there should also be a link that says "View my gallery", which will take you to all of our Picasa albums if you click on it. You may have to sign in to Google to see the pictures, but I don't know for sure! 

Second, I am trying out something called a "jump break". I've seen it on some other blogs and am not sure if I really like it or am really annoyed by it. What a jump break does is show a short summary of the post followed by a "read more" link. When you click on "read more" the whole post will open up. As I tend to be quite a wordy writer, this would allow more of my posts to show up on the first page of our blog so you wouldn't have to scroll through as many pages to see what you might have missed out on. However, when you click "read more" you are then taken to a page with JUST that post, and will have to then click back to get to the page where you see all of my posts. (I know that many of you are aware of that already, but not everyone who reads my blog is very tech savvy, so I am trying to cover all the bases!) I've done a jump break in the following posts "A big night for Jori" and "The kids", so check them out and tell me what you think!

I might be making a few more changes and there is a good chance I will do something to make a royal mess of our blog, so if you notice anything really out of whack, please let me know so I can have my friend Michelle make everything right again!


pjvs said...

You know I will not like to hit anything to read MORE-I like it just the way it si-we get some of those and most of the time even tho I am curious I do not do it cuz every paragraph they want you to hit that link. Keep it simple but the youth might like it. Love ya Your unsavvy mom

retha said...

I like the birds.

And yes, please I agree with your mom. Maybe it because I am not youth any more, that might disqualify my opinion.