Saturday, July 31, 2010

When Darin's family came to town...

...we had a TON of fun. Seriously, we never stopped moving : ) A week and a half after getting home from seeing my family in Washington, we were privileged to have the Fey, Moss and Van De Berg families come to spend a few days with us in Hudsonville. This was the first time that the whole gang (minus Evan and Jordan, so I can't really say the WHOLE gang) has been up here at the same time.
Okay, I guess we did stop moving for a little while

Darin's parents got in first, around noon on Tuesday. They were just in time to watch Tyson while I took Jori to her preschool doctors appointment. 3 shots and many tears later, we arrived home to greet Darin's sister Daci, Justin, Brooklynn, Makenna and Zachary. A few hours after that, LaShawn, Kyle, Kaden and Neveah showed up. The kids had fun getting reacquainted and the adults enjoyed chatting and keeping track of 9 kids! Then, we headed off to celebrate my birthday (July 20 in case you missed it) at Pizza Ranch and headed to the hotel where the girls were staying so the kids could go swimming.
Jori opening her new Leapster Game-PetPals!
Tyson with his new Legos!
Wednesday came and we tossed around a few ideas, but finally decided that the women should go shopping and the guys (minus Darin who was working) should watch the kids. So we headed off to Rivertown, found a few good deals, had lunch with Rachel, Jenna and Becka, then raced home so the guys could go fishing on Lake Michigan. After they left, it was decided that we should take all 9 kids to the outlet mall in Holland. Daci and I shopped first for about 45 minutes, then after having our fun, we had to keep 9 kids entertained while Karen and LaShawn shopped. I preferred my shopping time to my kid watching time : ) We did bring plenty of hamburger buns along so the kids could feed the ducks in the pond. They had fun, we all found a few new things, and then we headed home to either put kids to bed (that would be me) or let the kids swim (the rest of the fam). The guys finally made it home after 11. Other than a little seasickness for Darin and Rick, they seemed to have had a great time.
The kids hanging out on the bridge at the outlet mall

The guys and their salmon
Thursday morning all the women and girls headed to Kalamazoo for a bridal shower for Darin's cousin Nicole. It was fun to see some other family members that had come out for the wedding and the girls were able to swim at Nicole's parents too. Then we headed home and drove right into a torrential downpour. We were home for about an hour, then we decided to head out again to the Grand Rapids Children's museum for family night. The kids all had so much fun. The girls found a little craft area, where they glued to their hearts content, there was a Curious George exhibit, which almost all the kids thought was cool, and then there was the post office, bank and grocery area. If you live in GR and have never gone to family night, you totally should. It was only $1.50 a person and was totally worth it.
Curious George!
Jori with her groceries
Mail Men!
Friday came and Darin had the day off work. In the morning, he and some of the fam headed off to Holland to run a few errands. The rest of us went to the hotel so the kids could swim for a while. Then we came back here and had lunch, during which time most people decided to go to the beach. I had a mini breakdown/hissy fit and went to my friend Rachel's house and Darin took the kids to Playworld for a could hours of bounce house and sliding fun. Then I got over myself, and came back home to help Karen and my dear husband make dinner. We had the salmon that the guys caught, fresh beans from Huisman's garden, cucumbers from the Leenstra's and some other tasty treats as well. It was a huge meal that was very much enjoyed after the rest of the fam came home from their very enjoyable time at the beach. Friday night, we got a babysitter for our kids and then headed over to the hotel so all the grown ups could hang out and play games. Other than being extremely hot in the little lobby area, we had a wonderful time.

Saturday came and there were a few more errands to be run, some pizza and swimming, and then it was time to get ready for the wedding! We all got prettied up, then headed to my alma mater, Calvin College, to see David and Nicole get hitched. It was a beautiful ceremony and seeing as we had 9 kids all sitting in close proximity, I'd say we didn't cause too much of a disturbance! After the wedding, we headed to the reception where all the kids ran wild in the hallway. We talked to some more family, then around 8, LaShawn and her crew decided to head for home. Around 9, we decided it was time for our kids to go to bed, and Daci and her family came back with us. They ended up heading for home sometime in the middle of the night. Darin's parents came home sometime after 10 and we all headed to bed.
Swimming fun

Sunday came and we said good-bye to Darin's parents, Israel and Rosa, then we headed to church. I think it was easier saying goodbye because we are planning to head to Edgerton sometime this fall or winter. The kids LOVED seeing all of their cousins. Jori loved playing dress up, and Tyson loved having some boys around to play guns and teach him how to build stuff with his new Lego's!

Thanks for coming everyone! Sorry it took me so long to get this posted!


Anonymous said...

Wow- you guys were busy! Looks like a fun time was had by all! :) Tam

retha said...

Such a busy time, enjoyable too one can see.
Good to have so many cousins and even better to have them around.