Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pebble or Pebbles, we love you the same!

Late, late on Friday night, Darin, my dad and Josh arrived in Lynden. My sister Kristi and her boys had arrived on Wednesday night and Danny and SooHee came all the way from Korea on Saturday morning. We didn't get to see the Molans until Monday afternoon. However, while my children loved seeing their dad, Papa and numerous Aunts, Uncles and cousins, no one and no thing could compare to Pebbles, er, Pebble the dog.

Part rottweiler, part black lab, all love
My kids had first met Pebble (that is her real name, but Pebbles just rolls off the tongue) at Uncle Josh's house, which he so graciously took us too the day we flew in. There he fed me homemade spaghetti and let my kids eat his last two yogurts. They really were not that interested in eating because they were IN LOVE with Pebble.

Just look at her. I am not a dog person and even I was won over!
So calm and so patient (and as Darin kept reminding me, still a rottweiler that could snap at any moment).
Sweet Tyson spent every waking minute with Pebble and Pebble even laid by him for a few minutes one night at bedtime. Pebble went on a lot of walks and played a lot of ball too.If I could have flown Pebble home with us, I would have. I am sure Tyson would have approved.


Anonymous said...

have been waiting for the memories to come from vacation... love to see the littles and pebble.. lol.. xox laurie

retha said...

To have a living pillow, mattress and have something to hold onto (tail) whilst lying down must be a good thing.

Very good reminder.
Maybe if we read more to the dogs, telling them what is written about their behaviour we won't have to worry about them behaving aggressively to us or the kids. Maybe it will be easier to teach them to read, then they can see for themselves ;o)