Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tea Party in Washington

Seeing as we were gone for just under 2 weeks, I've decided to write some smaller posts to tell (and show) all the fun things we did! One special thing that my mom had planned was a little tea party for Jori with some of the girls from her church.

Jori, Addie, Tabby and Kayleigh

A whole row of silly 4 (or almost 4) year olds!
Grandma Willie pouring the tea

We weren't sure if the girls would drink the tea, but once we let them add their own sugar, it was a real hit!

After drinking their tea, the girls headed to the basement for a little dance party. Jori was rocking out in her new outfit from Greece that Pop and Gram brought back for her.
Thanks Gram! I love you, you, you!

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