Sunday, July 18, 2010

Puyallup, Washington

On Sunday we went to my parents church in the morning and played games all afternoon. I think there was some packing as well. On Monday morning, Darin, Josh, Danny and SooHee left for a Poker Tournament. Around 1 the rest of us left for Puyallup, where we would be staying for the next 3 nights. Our hotel was super. Seriously, when you are staying somewhere with such a big group, it is nice to be in a place where you don't feel like you are being an annoyance.

We got to the hotel right around 3 and checked in. The kids wanted to go right to the pool, so that is what we did. An hour or so later, the Molan's finally arrived! It has been 3 years since my kids have seen any of Laurie's family and close to 2 years since they've seen Kristi's family, so it was wonderful to all be together again. Everyone swam for a while, then we got dinner, swam some more, put kids to bed, tried to play games, talked and went to be ourselves.

Tuesday we were up bright and early so we could head to Wild Waves and Enchanted Village. This was a combo water park/amusement park. Tyson was SO excited to be tall enough to go on almost all the rides. Poor Jori was just a little too short, but we still found plenty for her to go on. We hung out in the amusement park first. Tyson went on a roller coaster that had upside down loop-de-loops! He loved it. If I ever get pictures from my parents, I will add them because my dad was daring enough to take pictures while we were going upside down. Jori was starting to get pouty because she kept having to wait for the big people to go on rides. The kiddie stuff didn't open up right away, but once it did, she made sure she told us all about the fun stuff only SHE got to do.

After running out for lunch, we came back and enjoyed the water park. Well, most of us enjoyed it. My poor brother Josh has terrible allergies and he could hardly stand being outside. He finally left and went to the mall until we were ready to go back to the hotel. Again, Tyson was big enough to go on most things, so he was loving it. There was a nice kiddie area and the cousins were pretty good about staying with Jori so she wasn't totally alone. At one point Kelsey came and told me Jori had to be pulled out by a life guard and I was like "where, the water is not even 6 inches deep here". Well I probably should have checked out the whole kiddie area, because I didn't realize the kids had access to water slides that ended up in a pool of water that was 4 feet deep. Live and learn. Sissy kept her floatie on after that! We did find one "grown up" water slide that Jori was tall enough to go on. We had to wait in one line to get a tube, then climb up a bunch of stairs for a ride that wasn't even that thrilling. We decided to only do that once as it was NOT worth the wait!

After playing for several hours, we decided to dry off and go back to the amusement park. Tyson really wanted to go on the big roller coaster again and Jori wanted to see what other rides there were for her. Sadly, I have NO pictures of our whole day. I didn't want the hassle of a camera, but now I have nothing until some of my family members get on the ball and send them to me : )

You'd think after swimming all day the kids would be done with water, but no. After dinner they were back in the pool at our hotel. Then Jori watched some "Hannah Matana (Montana)", which she thought was SO SO SO cool and Tyson hung out with the big boys.

Wednesday we all just kind of hung out. The pool was the place to be. We had thought about going to see Toy Story 3 or do some other activity, but we were all ready to chill. We went to Applebees for dinner that night, swam, played games and that was that. Or maybe there was something more and I just waited too long to blog about it and can't remember because I didn't take any pictures!

Coming up next: Great Wolf Lodge!

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retha said...

Wonderful when the kids have a good time!.

It is still cold here - for us. You might have a good laugh when you experience the cold. The houses are also not built for the cold but for heat.
Just about 10km north of our home there is a markable difference in temperature. Warmer there and we are warmer again than 20km south of us.