Friday, March 12, 2010


I just came across this update through our church and through a mutual friend of the Shaarda's.

In case any of you didn't get the e-mail: My name is Dotun Modupe, a co-International Teams missionary of the Shaardas. I serve and live in Nairobi, Kenya with my wife, Ami. I'm sending this to you on behalf of Josh and Mandy. Some of you may have already received news that Luka, their youngest child, was airlifted to Kenya last night for emergency medical treatment. After a long and rough day, they finally arrived in Nairobi at midnight.

Upon arrival, they were immediately taken to Gertrude’s Children's Hospital in Muthaiga, Nairobi ( where Luka was admitted. He has already had blood transfusion and is currently at the ICU where he is undergoing dialysis. He is far from where he should be. His condition is still critical but he is somewhat stable (not doing worse, just not much improvement). The doctors and staff are doing their best to ensure that he is well taken care of. I visited them today and even though they have had some tough experiences, they are doing okay. They are handling the situation with much grace. They have unwavering trust that the Lord will complete Luka's healing.

Here's a link to some pictures taken by Mandy of Luka to share with you at You can click on the link and it should take you to the pictures. The Shaardas continue to covet your prayers. They are seeing the Lord's hand and feeling the prayers you are offering up for Luka. They will continue to update you whenever possible.

Thank you all so much.
Dotun for the Shaarda family

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Pauline said...

Oh - those pictures just made me cry. Poor child and family. I know how scary this stuff is here in the States, how much more overseas and having to be seperated as a family. I'll be praying for them all.