Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Saturday

We had such a great day today. This morning the kids slept in a little bit, which is always a treat. I headed out to a consignment sale at one of the local schools and found stuff for both kids. Jori and I went to a sale yesterday and other than a pair of pjs, there wasn't anything for Tyson, so I was happy with my finds today.

After the sale, I met Darin and the kids at the high school for swimming lessons. This was there 4th week and other than thinking the water is too cold, they both are having a great time. Here are some videos from last weeks lessons:

Tyson and his friend Jenna (dark hair)

Jori Jumps

Tyson swimming some more

Jori swims (look at those little legs go!)

I am so glad we decided to put them in swim lessons this year. I am not a very proficient swimmer myself and always feel very nervous when the kids are around water because I am not sure I could save them. The only time I remember taking lessons was in 5th grade through my school. I signed up to be in the same level as my friends and ended up being demoted 2 or 3 times the FIRST DAY because I did not have any "skills". I still plug my nose on occasion and cannot dive. Sad, but true.

After lessons, we raced home, tossed the kids in the shower, then I headed out to another sale. Again I found a few things for Tyson, which made me so happy. I also found some cute things for Jori. I picked up a couple puzzles as well because the kids, mostly Jori, have been getting into the puzzle scene. Tyson can only take so much, but Jori will happily put together a 100 piece puzzle. She loves to have help, but is actually really good at putting together big sections by herself. I think she is a "visual" learner as she also does really well in the game Memory. Tyson just seems to have a photographic memory and soaks stuff in and spits it out again almost word for word.

I got back home around noon and the rest of the fam was just finishing up lunch. Then the kids played outside for a while and I watched them try to "help" a caterpillar find its way back home. I told them that God made caterpillars and they know how to get home on their own, but I could not persuade them to listen. I am not sure the caterpillar survived their assistance. Darin and Tyson took off to fill the vending machines and Jori and I watched a movie then worked on a new puzzle.

After the guys got home, we all went outside. I tried to teach Jori to ride a 2 wheeler, but she was not interested. I'll let Darin teach her once his heel is better. Then Darin started a fire and I decided to make a quick run to Family Fare for some hot dogs and marshmallows. Hot dogs cooked over a fire. Mmmm. Marshmallows. MMMMMMM! I think the kids had 5 each and I might have had a couple more than that! It was a great way to finish up the day.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day! You reminded me that I need to look into getting Mollie enrolled in a swim class this summer. :) I agree- hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire... Mmmmm!! :)