Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Date Night!

A few weeks ago Darin and I started talking about our need for setting up a date night. Ok, I started talking about it and Darin decided he better jump on board! We go out a lot during the month, but not on dates. We have small group, get togethers with friends or coworkers, family nights... but not date nights. When you have all that other stuff going on it's hard to find any money left for just the two of you to go out! So we decided to have Monday Night Date Night at home. Once the kids are in bed the tv goes off and the date night fun begins.

Ok, our first date night was more of a "let's talk money" night where we went over our budget. It was still fun just to be together, and we did need to talk about our budget, but it wasn't really my dream date. The next Monday I had a meeting. Then yesterday Darin sent me an email that he had a surprise for me. I really try not to get super excited about Darin's surprises because when we were just married, he led me on a wild goose chase that led me to believe that he had bought me a puppy and what I found instead was a stuffed dog behind my bedroom dresser. This time my hubby got it right!

Welcome to Date Night, Fey style:Here is our brand new 3000 piece puzzle! Last night we got almost all the edges (minus about 6 or 7 edge pieces) done! Puzzles may not be your thing, but when we were in Africa, Darin and I discovered that doing a puzzle together is a nice way to relax, talk and accomplish something big. Remember this? Here is what that puzzle looked like:

So, I'll keep you posted on our progress!

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