Sunday, March 14, 2010

Playing Dentist

Last week Tyson decided to write out a birthday list. This list quickly grew, but I was so happy to see him excited about writing things on his own that I (uncharacteristically) encouraged his desire for more and more and MORE. I was so proud of his writing accomplishments that I called my mom to brag on him. Then Tyson got on the phone and began listing all the things he wanted and my mom, being a generous and loving grandma (my kids are blessed to have TWO such grandmas!), decided to send him a few things off of his list last week.

What was SO desirable that my sweet boy could NOT stop asking "Do you think my package will come today? Can we call Gram to see if she mailed the package already (Sunday night)? If my package comes today, you won't open it, will you mom?" over and over and over and over again--the answer, my friends, is dentist stuff. Gloves, masks, TEETH, office open and office closed signs, dental certificates, toothbrushes, glasses and floss. Of course Gram included some stuff for "Nurse" Jori as well, but Tyson Fey, DDS was the primary recipient of these wonderful gifts.

At the end Tyson is saying 'A big thank you a big spanking, a big thank you a big spanking. A whopper". Why? I have no idea.

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La Shawn Van De Berg said...

Kids after my own heart!! You just keep that dentist stuff handy and maybe someday he will really become one and share his wealth with you! :-) Maybe you guys should consider setting up a larger college fund if those are his real plans!
Too cute!! Love and miss you all!