Monday, December 21, 2009

Gift opening fun

On Saturday night, we opened gifts with the kids. This is the first year we have had a tree up, and I think it is also the first year we have bought any presents for the kids! I know, a little Scrooge-ish, but believe me, they haven't been suffering.

Here are a few pictures of our gift giving "bonanza". Thankfully Papa and Grandma left a few gifts here this summer for all of us to open or there would have been a total of 4 presents under the tree (and one of those was something my mom sent earlier this month!)

Here's Jori opening the new Noah's Ark that I picked up at a consignment sale, oh about 3 years ago...

Tyson opening some tapes, and a DVD from Papa and Grandma.
Thanks Pop and Gram
Opening my hand crafted bracelet from my mom. Darin got a really nice indoor thermometer that measures the outdoor temperature. Very handy for the cold Michigan winter!
Finally, here are a couple videos. Both of them happen to be of Jori opening gifts that ONLY had her name on them, which Tyson was not too happy about. He only had one Tyson only gift, Connect 4, which he thinks is great fun, but it is only ONE thing. Just listen for all their Christmas spirit!

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Victoria Haveman said...

The last video I love! I could have put my kids in there and the exact words would come out. Gimme, that's mine, in a minute, thanks for making me feel normal :) Have a safe trip!