Sunday, December 6, 2009

Church Christmas Program

Tonight Tyson and Jori were both in the Christmas program at church. It was everything a church Christmas program should be-loud, chaotic, crying kids... Honestly it was just perfect. Jori was so excited for HER turn to be on stage.

Here are some pics of the hordes of children during practice on Saturday and also tonight as they waited with some volunteers, who I am sure are very tired right now!
Little Lambs (2-3 year olds)Jori climbing out of the window
Wonder Years (4 years-1st grade)
Here are some video clips. Tyson is wearing a black shirt, brown pants and has on a pair of gray donkey ears. Jori is in a brown dress with pink pants underneath. There are a lot of videos, but they are all pretty short. 1. Away in a Manger 2. I am the star... 3. I am the donkey soft and gray, I carried His mother from far away (this was Tyson's group) 4. Jori walking out 5. We three Kings (at the very end, Tyson raises his hand then says "I have to go to the bathroom")
6. Go tell it on the Mountain

We are so thankful for our church! We definitely know that they want "the little children" to come to HIM and they do so much to make that possible!

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