Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We like to Wii

Well, we finally have a Wii. I was holding out for a treadmill, but Darin still is not convinced I would use it often enough to be worth the cost. We had some gift money from last year that we wanted to use for something special, not just to pay the bills, so when my friend Sarah told us about a great deal on the Wii, we decided to go for it. So far, we are happy with our decision. The kids LOVE to play the Wii, and watching them play is quite entertaining for us as well. Tyson has shown great skill at bowling (he even bowled a 129 with NO help!) and Jori has managed to hit the baseball a few times.

Darin and I have been having fun competing against one another in tennis, baseball, bowling and golf. He finds great pleasure laughing at my boxing skills, while I enjoy finding his weak spot (the slider pitch) and using it against him whenever possible. It turns out that I am attracted to a man with a MUCH younger Wii fit age. Now, as a disclaimer, this is NOT the Wii fit age that you get from the Wii Fit system, where you put in your height, weight and they test your balance and all that stuff. This is the Wii fit age that you get off of Wii Sports, where you do a little bowling, a little tennis and a little baseball. Now that I have made my disclaimer, I will admit that while my 32 year old husband has a Wii fit age of 23, I, his 31 year old wife, has the ripe old Wii fit age of 80. Yes, 80. Pathetic, I know, but I can only get younger, right?

Enjoy watching a few clips of the kids the first time we let them play.


Anonymous said...

personally, i would love to see you and darin playing tennis against each other! be careful not to get tennis elbow! :) Sarah

Anonymous said...

Very cute- Mollie and I enjoyed watching the clips! Looks like a lot of fun! I would love to get a Wii but I think we'll wait a few years til the kids are a little older to enjoy it with us. :) I think you need to put a video of you and Darin boxing it out... the 80 year old against the 23 year old! LOL! Tami

Sarah said...

I'm 80 too! In my defense, I had not played baseball or tennis before I tested my age and I had just worked out. I'm going to do better tomorrow and I'm going to give boxing a try. We'll have to compete against each other soon:) 80 year old vs. 80 year old.