Friday, December 4, 2009

Tyson's Christmas Program

On Thursday night we went to our first ever school Christmas program. It was a little insane. The doors opened at 6. We got there around 5 til and there were already a couple hundred (or more) people lined up outside in the cold, wet night. Darin spotted someone opening a side door and we quick ran in. The program was at Grace Community Church in Hudsonville, which had a huge auditorium, but by the time we got in it was already pretty full. Our friends, Rhine and Katie, were near the front of the line and they had saved a couple seats for us near the front, but off to the side. Thankfully the kindergartners were the first to perform right at 6:30, so I held wiggly Jori on my lap while Darin tried getting our video camera to work. He did not have any success. (We had some problems in Africa, which we thought we had fixed, but apparently we thought wrong.) Thankfully we had our digital camera, so we did take a couple videos on there.

Here is what Tyson looked like before the concert. Make sure you pay close attention to what he is wearing, because you may have to pick his sleeve out of the mass of children up on the stage in the videos!

Here is a a very grainy picture of Tyson on stage. He's between the kid with the tie and a girl with a black top on.
Here is the whole group on stage. The 1st grade is in the back, the kindergarten (3 classes) and the pre-k kids are in the front blocking my sweet Tyson.

And here are the videos. You cannot see Tyson, which is sad. Darin tried to zoom in, but the stage lights were SO bright and reflective on all the blonde headed dutch kids that it just produced a blinding light. Enjoy the music!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a cute Christmas program! Wow, there are a lot of kids! I was surprised to hear the song "Away in a Manger" though... doesn't he go to a public school? I suppose public schools in our area though are very different than in MI, huh? Mollie and Cody loved watching the videos and hearing the kids sing... Mollie said "I get to sing in our church soon?" :) Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Tami... was really happy to hear that in small towns you can still sing about Jesus... the real reason for Christmas.... love you...laurie

jonna said...

They even sang the verse "be near my Lord Jesus, I ask thee to stay". We are very thankful for Park school!