Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tyson Alan

What can I say about Tyson? Life is never dull when he is around. One grandma says he's "greased lightning". The other admits that she gets tired just watching him. He loves to play dentist, ride bike, color, have friends over, dance, and play bears with his sissy. He is mommy's honey who loves to read and snuggle, but he is daddy's buddy. They go to the races together, take care of the vending machines, work on projects, watch the Cubs and the Vikings, and lots of other guy stuff. Tyson loves taking care of his sissy. He is always ready to find her blanky and peeper for her when she is sad, or offer his one of his own special blankies. Tyson loves learning about God and his creation and about how Jesus loves him. Though there are times where we can hardly keep up with all the action Tyson brings to our loves, we never stop thanking God for giving us such a precious gift.
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Anonymous said...

OK...I'm all caught up on your updates once again! Love the new pics. Keep up on your work can do it and it helps that mama Willie is here now! Love you and talk to you tom. JRJJ