Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finding time for FUN

I just got back from the Hudsonville Fair. For those of you who aren't from around here, it's the highlight of the summer, or if not the summer, at least the later part of August. It really is a nice fair. Today was $1 ride day, so Darin got home on time and we took the kids to go on some rides. They both loved it. There were some tears from Jori, because she was too small to go on the rides Tyson went on, but she did get to go on a magic school bus ride with me. (It really was a ride. I didn't just stick her on a bus and tell her it was a ride. Although I think that is what we did last year, only with tractors, not a school bus.) Our family doctor was doing a magic show at the fair, so we headed over to see that with the Huisman's. I think the kids enjoyed seeing Dr. Dykstra on stage, but they didn't really get it. Jori was more interested in her buddy, JJ, and Tyson was determined to see how close he could sit to Jenna without actually laying on her. Good times. I walked around the animal barns with Jori and Jenna for a while then headed home. Darin and Tyson stayed for the off-road derby. Tyson LOVES going to "the races" with his dad. It is definitely something special for the two of them to do. They called me a little while ago to report on various car crashes.

My mom comes on Thursday and I am hoping to get some more fun activities in while she is here. We have a zoo membership and we got free passes to the children's museum. We'll have to make a point of heading to the bowling alley for some ice cream too. For those of you who don't know, we live right behind the bowling alley and it has become very hard to resist heading over there for $1 baby cones on a weekly, or twice weekly, or even a thrice weekly basis. For only a dollar, I think we can swing it.

For those of you keeping track, I have been doing some work. Today I cleaned out my fridge. I also dusted all three bedrooms and started packing a carry on for the kids. I've got color wonder paper, some special finger paint that is clear on the hands, but shows up on paper, pipe cleaners, four rolls of scotch tape, activity books and some other random things that we HOPE will occupy them on the flight to South Africa. I also cleaned out my side of the closet and left Darin a big note to take care of his stuff in the next two days. Work with me man.

I am hoping to learn how to post pictures on here, but I so do not understand how. We did just get our new camera today, so I am hoping that after Darin messes around with that for a while he will also try to figure out how to put pictures on this blog. Priorities people.

I hope this has been as enlightening for you all to read as it has been for me to write. I am tempted to just delete this whole post, but this is our life right now and boring as it is, it's what's going on.

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Lia Leenstra said...

I finally caught up on your blog. I just added you to the sidebar of my blog. When we get together I can show you how to load up pictures! I bet you are getting excited to leave - hope you are not too stressed! We are busy buying a house and car, getting ready for school etc. Let us know what works for you next week to have dinner or what not!