Thursday, August 14, 2008

Questions? Comments?

For those of you who are even less familiar with the world of blogging than I am, I wanted to pass on some helpful information. At the bottom of each post is the word "comments". You can click on this word and then leave me, your favorite new blogger, a comment. If you do not have a blog or a Gmail account, you can choose "anonymous" and then just write your name after your comment (because I really want to know who is leaving messages). I am going to leave the "word verification" up for now because it will lessen the chance that I will get spam comments.

I really do hope you will all leave comments, especially while we are gone. It should be an easy way to communicate with each other. I can even respond to your comments in the comment section! (This is where you insert the oohs and ahhs).

We are off to lunch with Rachel, Jenna and JJ now. Tyson is going to be staying to play and Jori will be coming home to nap so that I can get some more work done. Inch by inch, every things a cinch!

updated August 15: Darin read this and said "now you are begging people for comments", which makes me sound pathetic. If you don't want to comment, no pressure, I just want you all to know you can.

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