Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Follow-up appointment

I had my follow-up appointment this afternoon and found some answers, but there are still a lot of questions too. I didn't have any cysts or polyps, but there was an irregularity-some extra tissue lining--which the doctor took out and had tested. Thankfully it came back negative for cancer or anything else. So, this "irregularity" could be what has been causing all of my problems. Or not. I'll have to wait a couple months to see if anything has changed.

The doctor I am seeing did sit and talk with me for a half hour! We talked about what I can do if things aren't any better and I do feel like I have quite a few options. One thing I might try is switching to a pill that has a higher hormone level. I had told the doctor that I never feel better than when I am pregnant, and pregnancy=high hormone levels. I've been having MORE problems with mood swings since being on the Yaz, and that's a pill that has a low hormone level. So, a change could be good, or it could just cause more problems.

Thank you for all the prayers and concern.

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