Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Turkey Trot 2009

Yesterday Tyson participated in his first Turkey Trot. What is a Turkey Trot, well I still don't really know for sure. One day Tyson came home with a sign up form, I sent it back along with my $6 for an official Turkey Trot t-shirt and then we waited for the big day to come.

We arrived at the track around 4:30. In addition to kids from all the elementary schools in the district, there was a giant turkey and volunteers with fake cooked turkeys on their heads. Nice.

Tyson and Kyhana headed out on the field to line up with the other kindergartners. They were so excited to be there, although after I told Tyson he'd be running around the track he said "and then what???" Sorry kid, that is all you will be doing : )
Here are the kindergarten boys all lined up. They were so cute, hitting each other, taking a break to stretch, then poking and giving noogies to each other.
Each class raced alone. First the boys, then the girls. Here the boys are heading off to the starting line. Here is the end of the race. Enjoy my excellent videography skills and narration!

And here is my very own turkey trotter. His sneaky sissy stealthily snuck into the shot, which is why her eyes are looking a little shifty. Tyson Alan, we are so proud of you for running hard and being such a good sport even though you didn't come home with a turkey, pumpkin or jug of apple cider. We love you so.


pjvs said...

Like mother - like son! I laughed so hard-here he is almost dead last but NOT like his mother he pulled it off and passed a few kids. The funniest thing is when he is neck and neck with another little guy and they look at each other and decide that I will pass you!!!!! What fun. Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like Tyson had a good day running in the Turkey Trot... so cute! Aren't you proud of me for keeping up with your blog now?? I check it every day and am really enjoying reading it! :) I loved the picture of the 2 of them at the end- they are too cute together. Mollie has that same shirt too. :) Love you... have a great day! Tami