Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nature Preserve

I finally took my kids to the nature preserve, right here in good old Hudsonville. I am not sure why we haven't gone before. I'm not going to say they loved it, because at one time or another they both whined about being tired and wanting to go back to the van, but they both said they'd like to go back sometime.

Here they are walking on the path and then running on the boardwalk. That was their favorite part.
I remembered to take my camera and thought I'd better use it. I did get a few cute pics of the kids.

But as you can tell, they quickly got sick and tired of mommy and her picture taking.

Here is a little video I took of them. They are getting so goofy. Tyson has started saying "Amen" when he finishes saying whatever he needs to say.

Finally, we made a birthday countdown chain today. Only 36 days til Jori's 3rd birthday and a mere 34 until Tyson turns 5! I can hardly believe it, but it's true.

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Sarah said...

That video is so funny. I love how Tyson insisted that Jori needed to say "Amen, bye". What a great idea with the birthday chains:) You're such a great mom.