Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kid stuff

If you don't like reading about cute things kids say, STOP READING.

The other day Jori was running up the driveway and coming into the house. As she got closer to me she started saying what sounded like "Shew. Shew." Then she said "Shew. That was close." I asked what was close and she said "My running. Shew". Then she put her hand to her forehead to wipe away the sweat and said "Shew" again. I am guessing she means "Phew" like "man am I tired". She is getting to be such a little drama queen.

This morning at breakfast Darin and Tyson had the following conversation.
Tyson: Dad, does that make you speak English better?
Darin: What?
Tyson: Does that make you speak English better?
Darin was kind of lost, but then he finally caught on. He was eating an English muffin! Ha ha.

While we were having a little dance party, Jori suddenly stopped and said "I ranned out of steam". I asked where she heard that from and she said "Larry". I am guessing she means Larry from Veggie Tales.

During the same dance party, Tyson ran off crying and the said "No body's watching my spin jump!!!" followed by a loud wail. Poor kid. The spin jump IS his signature move you know.

You know the saying "it tastes like chicken"? Apparently Tyson thinks everything has chicken in it. While he and Darin were outside picking weeds, they came across a frog. Tyson was asking Darin if animals and people can eat frogs and then he said "Do they get all the chicken out of it?" He told me that giraffes, hippos and rhinos also have chicken in them.

In other news, we decided to plant a garden this year. The kids have been super excited about it. We picked up some seeds this weekend and today Darin and the kids planted some tomato and cauliflower seeds. Once they grow, we'll put them in the community garden behind our house.

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