Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First trip to Meijer with coupons

I think that using coupons could easily become an addiction. Here are the things that I bought today using coupons.

The regular cost for these purchases would have been $29.28. I saved $13.50 and spent just under $16 for all of these things. I am pretty pumped about it. I bought three bottles of dressing for $1, the 3 pack razors for $1.49, I think I got both hot dogs for $1, the 2 cheese slices for $1.18 (total, not each!). I am way bummed because I came home and realized I could have saved even more. I am going to re-read Sarah's blog and try to figure out all the ways I could have saved. I even told someone in the store about her blog : )

I only bought things that we use or that we can donate to Love INC's food pantry. Hopefully next time I'll do even better!

In other news, this is what Jori wore yesterday to Pizza Hut. Darin was a little embarrassed because we picked him up at Innotec, but I have decided clothing battles are not worth the fight. This is her ballerina outfit. She likes to do "baller-ine" in it. I guess she's never heard of ballet.


Sarah said...

It's completely addictive. It starts to become impossible to buy anything without a coupon:) Looks like you did a great job. Jori is so cute. Did you go to Pizza Hut for lunch? I go there way too much with the kids for the buffet.

Michelle B said...

hey there! I just got back from Meijer and had $37.02 in coupon savings and $40.58 in Meijer savings - I saved a total of $77.60 and spent $$63.89 - I love it when I save more than I spent!

Anonymous said...

I love her outfit!!! I'm so glad to hear another mom that isn't going to fight the clothing battle anymore. Adeline is very strict lately about her clothes and I gave up. I know she needs to assert herself some way but it's nice to hear another mom with crazy kid outfits!!! _Torie Haveman

jonna said...

She did want to wear her princess shoes to church Sunday. I almost let her, but I am sure all the other moms would NOT be happy when their little girls all decided they wanted to wear princess shoes too!