Thursday, January 29, 2009

What we've been up to

Happy Thursday everyone. I am so excited that it is almost the weekend. I am especially excited because my dad is in GR for some meetings and he will be staying here Saturday night. Can't wait to see you Papa John!

We just got back from getting groceries and Tyson's dentist appointment. He did SO great. He really was just so funny. As we were walking in to the office he told me "I am not going to be shy at the dentist", which struck me as funny. He was rather talkative, asking what the dentists name was, sitting up to look over the tray of dental tools every time the hygienist took the spin brush out of his mouth, telling about how he plays dentist... I am glad that he thinks the dentist is such a cool place to be.

We recently watched the movie Ice Age, which both kids really enjoyed. Tyson picked up the phrase "Bon Appetite", but his pronunciation is a bit different. Take a listen:

Jori likes to play pretend. Last night she was being a puppy and carrying her jammies around in her mouth. Check out those cheeks!

Tyson had a field trip on Monday to DJ's pizza. This is the first field trip I have gone on with him and I loved being able to see him in action. Everyone in the class made a small pizza. It was delicious. We even saved a piece for daddy to have for dinner.

Not too much else is happening. I am ready for winter to be over, but as long as it is going to be cold, I hope we have snow. Then it is at least pretty to look at!

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Tami Vroma said...

Jonna your kids are so cute! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking wasn't it just yesterday that my kids were this little. Then it was a big deal to walk to Alward Elementary to play on the swings. Now my kids have their drivers license. It was so much easier then. It is also interesting that we no longer live in Hudsonville (a short 15 min away in Allendale) but my daughter now works in Hudsonville at Gymnastics Unlimited. Hudsonville will always be home for us!