Sunday, January 4, 2009

Update on Mama Cathrine

My parents forwarded us an email from Mark Harding yesterday. He included an update on how things are going at MC's place. There is some good news, in that the local grocery store, Spar, has been providing large quantities of chicken pieces that the Hardings have been passing on to MC's. This is a huge blessing as meat is something they very rarely or never had because of the expense and, before receiving their fridge/freezer, they had no sanitary way of storing it.

This is the not so good news that Mark wrote:

"I got an SOS from MC this morning to say that they were flooded during last night's storm and all their bedding is wet. I am going over to see what can be done. Their land is very flat and gets waterlogged very easily so all those buildings need to be raised at least one brick's height above ground level where they are at the moment."

I know that problems with flooding are something that many of you from the midwest and northwest can relate to. Those of you that have recently experienced having water in your homes know how frustrating and time consuming it is to deal with such a problem.

We are thankful that there are people like the Hardings who are willing to help MC, even though we know that they are extremely busy with running TYB. Please keep them all in your prayers as they work on this latest problem.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jonna,

I am so glad you still have your blog! I pray for your family daily. We enjoyed seeing you at Christmas and also enjoyed your pictures. I will pray for MC and the water. I think about them from time to time. Take care.

jonna said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! I always wonder who's out there reading this thing : ) I heard that Daci and LaShawn were heading to Edgerton today. Makes me want to hop in my van and join the crowd. We always feel so welcome when we come to town!