Thursday, April 14, 2011

Corn Tortillas

Here is a recipe that Darin's dad used to make. We actually had these tortillas when we were in Sioux Center. As I said in that post, I am not a huge fan of corn tortillas, but they were still good. Here is the recipe from LaShawn. She writes recipes like I do, with lots of substitutions and suggestions : )

Dad’s Taco Shells

3 eggs (I use just the whites to make it healthier)
1 ½ cup milk (I maybe add another tablespoon to make up for the egg yolks, but I do not measure that out just add a tiny bit)
1 cup flour (I do ½ white flour ½ whole wheat flour, and I have even done all whole wheat flour)
1 tsp salt ( do NOT forget this, they do not taste the same at all without it!!!!
½ cup cornmeal
1 tbls butter ( I just put a big dab of spray butter in, I never measure it just guess about 1 tbls)

Mix all together (I use a wire wisk, it seams to mix it the best).  Put a little butter on a frying pan (I just use pam to cut fat again).  Take 1/3 cup measuring cup and pour into hot pan, (I usually put the burner on medium and let it get warm before you start).  Right after you put the batter in take the pan and move it around so that it makes a shell.  Let it fry for a couple minutes before turning it over.  (You probably have a couple of bad ones before you get the hang of it, when I used to make them the first one never turned out, now that I do it all the time it is easier.) 

Thanks for showing us how to make these when we came LaShawn!

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