Thursday, February 17, 2011

A look ahead

When we went to South Africa in 2008, we had the privilege to stay in an amazing house right across from Tshepo Ya Bana, the children's home run by Mark and Chris Harding. The house we stayed in belonged to their son and daughter, who both had homes in the city and used this property as a vacation home. I believe I already mentioned this in an earlier post, but when we head overseas in June, we will be going back to this same house. I thought I would share some pictures that we took in 2008 so you can see (or remember) where we'll be living for the first few months of our upcoming adventure.

Standing in the "front" door
Kitchen and laundry room (that's a wash machine under the counter)
Living room
Sitting room, looking into Tyson's room
Sliders in the sitting room
Tyson's room
Straight ahead, our room; to the right, Jori's room
I can't believe Jori was small enough that we had her in a crib!
Our bedroom
Master bath with gigantic tub
These pictures show the parts of the house that we used most often. There was also a huge loft area off of Jori's room and another loft area over the living room. There were also two other bedrooms and a bathroom off of the kitchen. Let's not forget about the great outdoors! We spent a LOT of time outside and ate a lot of meals out there too.
Can't believe how little these two were!
Our favorite place to sit
Walking to shut the gate
Swing Amos made for the kids
We really did love the time we spent at this house. I think we might try to get Internet hooked up this time around as it was tough not being able to communicate with people unless we went to town or across the road, which were not the most convenient options.

Hope you enjoyed the look back. I know that seeing these pictures does make me more excited to go back. If you want to see more pictures of our time in South Africa, you can click where it says "view my gallery" on the right side of my blog.

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