Friday, February 11, 2011

Feeling tech savvy!

I had been contemplating switching my blog from blogspot to Wordpress recently. One of the main reasons I wanted to do this was because in Wordpress, if you leave a comment you can subscribe to receive follow up comments by email. I often leave comments on other blogspot blogs and have to go back to check if anyone has responded to my comments. Sometimes I would forget to go back and check.

Anyways, with us getting ready to head to South Africa in a few months I wanted to make our blog a place where I could more easily communicate with family and friends. Tonight I think I actually figured out how to do that and still keep using our current blogspot blog! Go me!! I am usually computer illiterate, so I am pretty pumped.

Now you can click where it says "Subscribe by email" and any comments made after your comment will be emailed to you. If you leave a comment, I can reply directly to your comment, which you'll then receive if you've subscribed by email, and then (if I read everything correctly) you can reply to my reply by email and keep the conversation going!

So if you read this post or any others, please leave a comment so I can see if it works : ) Otherwise I might still be switching my blog!

**I thought I should add that you will need to register with disqus to leave a comment, but I am pretty sure that the first time you try to comment, you'll be able to get an account all set up. If you can't figure it out (mom) let me know!

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