Monday, July 27, 2009

Rite Aid with my mom

My mom and dad have been visiting from Washington. My mom is the coupon queen. When I last saw her in MN, she told everyone that I am still spending way too much money and have a lot to learn, so this was her opportunity to teach me.

We went to Rite Aid today after picking up our rebate book on Saturday night. My mom went through the book with me and circled all the stuff she thought I could get for free or close to it. The we went through the ad and matched up some coupons.

Here are my purchases:

I spent just over $12, which may still seem like a lot of money. However, do you see the Neutrogena bronzing powder?? That little compact retails for $12.49. It's almost like all the other stuff (vitamins, Kotex, 2 shampoos and a hairspray, shaver, and more Neutrogena stuff) was totally free!

I think I will enjoy shopping at Rite Aid in the future, at night, with no kids. Just me and my rebate book. Good times.

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