Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good-bye peeper, hello big girl bed

Jori has had a big week. On Sunday morning she brought Darin her peeper (pacifier) and told him to throw it away. We've been telling her for about a month that after she turned three and was all done with Evan and Jordan's wedding, she couldn't have her peep anymore. Let's hope she always follows directions so well! Darin didn't throw it away, but Sunday night we put her to bed without her peep. It was not the best bedtime ever. Over the last 3 years she has maybe climbed out of her crib twice. Sunday night she climbed out 4-5 times. You can't really blame her because not having her peeper threw off her whole sleeping routine.

Monday at nap time she asked for her peep again. Same thing Monday night, Tuesday nap and Tuesday night. Last night she DID NOT ask for her peep! Maybe that's because last night her routine was thrown off again because we moved her to a big girl bed. It wasn't so much a move as a dismantling of her crib.

She was so tired from not having a nap that she fell right asleep. When we checked on the kids before we went to bed, Darin took a picture of her. It sure makes her seem older.

She didn't ask for her peeper at all today, so we'll see how it goes tonight. This morning I clipped the strings on Tyson's blanky tag and by this afternoon he had sucked it off (he doesn't usually have his blanky during the day, but they both have colds and are kind of crabby). I told him it isn't getting sewn back on and he didn't make too much of a fuss. I am guessing it might be a different story at bedtime tonight.

A kind of funny side note is that last night BOTH kids fell out of bed. First we heard a body hit the floor around 11. Of course, we thought it was Jori so Darin ran in there first, but it was Tyson. We can't remember him ever falling out of bed before. Then, sometime early this morning, Jori fell out of bed. Poor kid. We are hoping it goes more smoothly tonight.


Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Nice to meet you, too!

Oh, we did the same thing with the transitioning into a big bed years ago.

Thanks for chatting the other day!

Rose said...

Good to catch up with you here, Jonna! Made me think about various times our kids fell out of bed -- one time, in China, Jonathan smacked his head on a radiator and almost had to get stitches!

Bummed I couldn't spend more time with you when you were in MN... I am now home for good for the rest of the summer :-)