Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Progress Reports

Yesterday we went to Tyson's school for a conference with his teacher, Mrs. Hubach. We were looking forward to hearing how Tyson has been doing in school. Strengths: Tyson really adjusted well after being in Africa, he is a hard worker and a fun friend to have in class. Growth Areas: Cutting and counting to 30.

We are so thankful that Tyson has had such a great school year. God has blessed him with a curious mind and we are always amazed at the things he comes up with. We were happy to hear that "academically" (not sure how academic preschool is) he is doing well, but we were more pleased to learn that he is cooperative, respectful, sharing, and that he listens well. We have problems with some of those things at home, but Tyson is doing great at school.

Although Jori isn't in school, she is making progress in another area: Potty Training! I have been following some advice from a friend at church and Jori has finally started taking the initiative to go to the bathroom on her own. She gets 2 marbles for her cup when she tells us she needs to pee, nothing for when we tell her to go and she has been promised 3 marbles if she poops in the potty. She already filled her little cup once and got to pick out a treat at Meijer. She has been enjoying her Princess Teddy Grahams and her cup is almost half filled again! She really wants to get some Dora undies, but we've told her she can't have them until she stops pooping in her pull-up.

Darin and I have nothing to report. I am trying to make progress on cleaning my house, but we have so much crap it is hard to even know where to begin. I really want to do a big purge and get rid of the junk. I always say "if I could only have a day with NO kids in the house, I could do it", but even then, it would be pretty overwhelming. Oh, Darin is making progress on growing his beard. We will post some pictures soon. So I guess we all are making a little progress after all.

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