Saturday, March 7, 2009

Enjoying the warmth...

...while it lasted! We had a couple beautiful days here in Hudsonville this week, but today it is rainy and dreary and next week there might be more snow. The kids and I did get out quite a bit to enjoy the mild weather the first part of the week and the beautiful sunshine on Thursday and Friday.

Here are some pics from a walk we took early in the week. Tyson wanted to bring his ruler along to do some "observations" (again, it's all PBS people!). Everyday I thank God for the friendship that Tyson and Jori have. They have their moments, but for the most part they stick together and have lots of fun with each other.
Little Jori is such a trooper. I wish you could all see her little legs moving as fast as they can to keep up with her big brother. She loves wearing her rain boots and would gladly wear them every time we need to go out.

Thursday and Friday we had temps in the 50's. I think it might have even hit 60. I have washed a lot of wet and muddy clothes already this week and have another load waiting for me in the laundry room! It was wonderful to head outside without a winter coat on. The kids did have sweatshirts on at one point, but they both got hot at some point and left them in the garage. I didn't think it was quite that warm, but they didn't seem to mind. As you can see, they were warm enough to play in the snow without mittens or anything. They definitely do NOT take after me!

Hope all you Michiganders got out and enjoyed the sun!

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Tami Vroma said...

Your kids are so darn cute! Makes me miss the days of being a child care provider and having the entire neighborhood in my pool on Pebblefield in the summer. I miss Hudsonville, but Allendale isn't that far away and my best friend Fran still lives there!!

Congrats to Jori on going in the toilet . .wooo hooo!!