Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Do you remember that commercial? No, I am not having a baby, but my best friend Rachel just had the sweetest little boy on Friday. Reid Alan. Auntie Jonna (that's me) guessed the gender and date of birth and was only off by 9 oz on the weight. I am STILL waiting for my prize...

Anyways, Tyson and Jori were both SO excited to meet baby Reid on Saturday afternoon. Seriously, they just gazed on him with love. It was very sweet. Then when we got in the car Jori said "When we have OUR baby Reid, I am going to carry him around BY MYSELF". Um, no and no. So, in light of not having a real baby to play with they did the next best thing. And here is the photographic evidence.

Dr. Fey at your service. Jori looks a little scared. If only she knew what childbirth REALLY entailed...

Tyson/new dad kept saying "Check her ears". Doesn't she look thrilled with the care she's receiving?
The proud new father. He was SO encouraging and kept telling us "She's just doing great".
The hospital set up. Lots of pillows and blankets. Tyson wanted Jori to "criss cross applesauce", but Jori said "No, Auntie was sitting like THIS" and stuck her legs out straight. Glad they were paying attention.
The new mother resting with her babies, Hyla and Helen. "Can moms have 2 babies at the same time?" Yes children, they can.
They played for a good hour and were just so cute. They wanted to do everything just right. Tyson kept telling Jori to rest and she would squeeze her eyes shut. She was acting like the queen of the castle, which is how it should be for a woman who's just given birth!


Pauline said...

I love your sweet kids! Jori might have a career in acting!

Julie Vander Pol - Remembered Moments www.Remembered-Moments.com said...

dying over here-hilarious and Darin in the first photo looks like he has just snapped on a glove and is going to give a woman her pelvic exam (which I suppose if you are having a baby the doctor would do several times in real life). busting a gut here!

Anonymous said...

This is TOO cute!!! I love how they acted out having a baby and then she had twins- too funny! If we lived closer I know Mollie would love acting this out with them... she could be the other lady in the bed next to her- LOL! :) Your kids are so sweet!

Love, Tam