Monday, April 6, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

This post will mostly be to satisfy the grandmas, who both love to hear stories about their grand kids. That being said, my kids are pretty funny, at least I think so. Today we were at Meijer. I have started a little "tradition" that I am sure I will come to regret soon. For those who don't live around here Meijer is a grocery store that gives kids free cookies!! Even though I have asked the people at the bakery SEVERAL times to make sure the cookies are indeed free, I still feel like a thief when I open the door and take out two cookies for my kids. Anyways, our new tradition is that the kids get their free cookies, I get my 59 cent cookie and $1 pop and we go and hang out in the little eating/break area. There are usually a few older folks sitting in this area as well (especially in the morning when you can get a donut and coffee for $1). So this afternoon we are enjoying our little treat. There was one "grandpa" in there with us and he was sneezing and blowing his nose. After one particularly loud blow, Tyson said "I guess that grandpa must be allergic to kids". I do not know where that came from, but I almost spit my pop out. An older couple came in as we were finishing and Jori had to ask what their names were and Tyson wanted to see the grandpa's gloves. Then as we were leaving, Jori ran back to show them both her new package of big girl undies. They acted quite impressed, so she was pretty happy.

This morning I made some "Resurrection Eggs". (If you do not know what they are, Google "Resurrection Eggs" and then come back to read the rest of my post.) In one egg, there is a miniature cross. We had just talked about how Jesus was whipped and his back was so sore, and then I was explaining how he had to carry the heavy cross on his back. Jori picked up the cross and said "It is NOT heavy, see." and she put it up by her shoulder. Yes, you are right sweet girl. The two inch replica mommy made is not heavy. We did the eggs again with Darin tonight and again she had to point out that the cross is not heavy. She says the same thing about the stone that was rolled away from the tomb. I try to explain that the REAL stone was very heavy, but she just rolls the little rock I picked up outside and says "But it's not."

What else is new here? The word "poop" has become fascinating to both kids, especially Tyson. He has even picked up the phrase "poop head". At Meijer today, when we were walking away from the grandpa and grandma he said "I wonder if they poop?" in a non-inside voice. At dinner Darin was telling the kids that he used to eat rice and brown sugar (which we gave them tonight) and Tyson said "Did you poop when you were little too?". I am hoping he gets over this phase by the time spring break is done so he doesn't go back to school talking about poop.

For those of you who are on Facebook, this is old news, but I'm retelling it for the grandmas. The kids have been hanging out with the neighbors a lot. The youngest neighbor is 7 and the oldest 2 are in 5th grade. The other day Tyson and Jori ran into the house and started telling me that there were bees living in caves underground and that the kids had all gotten stung. Then he told me that the kids all went to the doctor and had band aids, but you couldn't see the band aids because the doctor cut their arms open and put the band aids inside their skin. I told him "They are just telling you stories. It isn't true." "Nuh-uh mom. It IS the truth". So I tried explaining what a "tall tale" is and they finally ran off to tell the kids "Thanks for the funny story". The next day they came running home again to tell me a dinosaur was about to hatch in Ian's house. The expression on his face was priceless as he LOVES dinosaurs. He looked so thrilled, but again I had to burst his bubble and tell him it was just a story.

That's all for now. Grandma Karen and Grandma Willie, I'll keep the stories coming!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for he blog Jonna. BTW Grandpas like the stories too. So keep em coming.
Trust that Tyson will get over is scatological vocabulary before too logng