Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beach Day and Bedhead

The end of March was a busy time here in Hudsonville. Last week, Tyson had Beach day at preschool. He had been talking about it for WEEKS. Here he is the morning of:

Of course Sissy had to get in on the action too. Shorts, sunglasses and winter coats-quite the combination!

Here's a little bath time fun. Tyson and Jori came up with a creative way to keep water out of their ears. One ear is covered by a rubber duck, the other with a plastic comb. I don't think it was really effective, but they were pretty proud of themselves.

Here's our little Jor-Jor. The sideways picture kind of looks like a mug shot to me. This was right after she woke up from a nap. Talk about a bad hair day!

Today we got a package from Papa and Gram. It had these cool glasses and some eggs for a mini Easter egg hunt. Good times were had by all.

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