Thursday, February 19, 2009

The love between a brother and a sister

Apparently, this love goes pretty deep. This morning the kids were talking about when they grow up. Jori said "I can be a mommy just like you" and I said "Someday you will be a mommy. First you'll find a husband, just like I found daddy, then you will have babies and I will be the grandma". Tyson was sitting quietly, then he said "I will be Jori's husband". Um, no. I told him he would go to Calvin or Dordt and find a sweet girl to be his wife. He said "I will go to Dordt, but I will still marry Jori when we are big". I tried again to explain to him that Jori would be the Auntie of his babies someday and NOT his wife. This was met with much crying and carrying on, so I let it drop. For now I'll just be thankful he loves his little sis so much.

They are running around downstairs right now. Every once in a while one of them will fall and say "That's not funny, right!!!" and the other will agree that, indeed, it was not funny. Tyson started saying that a while ago when he would trip over something or get hurt, but now Jori has picked up on it as well.

I'll have to work at getting some pictures up here later and we have a few videos Darin will have to upload to YouTube. If anyone is actually still reading this, I am sure you are thrilled to know another post will be coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

i've been waiting for the new post...but no mention of oreos and glossy fluff?? :) sad