Monday, November 10, 2008


It's been a few days since I last wrote. We have been keeping pretty busy and moving around quite a bit. We left Graaff-Reinet on Friday morning and headed towards Bloemfontein, our second to last destination. We didn't have much planned for the day other than to get to where we were going, so that was kind of nice. For lunch, we stopped at a nice little restaurant in Colesberg. They had a big play area for the kids, with old farming equipment to climb on. The food was so good and I think we were all content to just sit and relax for a while. My mom and I even headed over to the Foschini's across the street and I finally found the jeans I had been looking for. We got back on the road, saw a few random baboons, monkeys and bok and not much else.

We arrived in Bloemfontein around 4. Our cottage was in a neighborhood, right behind the owners house. After getting unpacked and watching a show about lions on National Geographic, we headed out for some really good pizza. We got home after 7, put the kids to bed and played our last two card games. In the end, Willie was declared the big winner. We got up on Saturday morning with plans to hit the mall for a little shopping fun. On our way there, we saw a big farmer's market so we pulled in. They had a giant inflatable slide that the kids loved going on. It was a nice detour. Then we hit the mall, found a McDonald's, then got back in the van for the last leg of our journey to Sasolberg.

When we got into Sasolberg, we decided to stop at a Wimpy so our kids could run off some of their excess energy before we went to Fenna's house. When we did finally get here a little after 4, Tyson and Jori were so excited to find out that Fenna has two dogs. Poor little Dortjie(pronounced Dorkie with a rolled “r”) has been chased all over the house, grabbed at, kissed and hugged by both of the kids. The other dog has been kept outside, lucky guy. Last night after the kids were in bed, two different pastors stopped by. With each guest we had a full round of coffee and dessert. I don't know when we have ever had so much to drink.

This morning, we went to church with Fenna and Francois. We had the pleasure of watching the children's Christmas program. Yes, Christmas in November. School is finished here in December and then all the schools have a month of summer vacation, so they figured that the kids wouldn't be around much in December for practices and the performance. This was the only Sunday in November that didn't have anything else going on. The program was in Afrikaans, so we didn't actually know what was being said, but it was the Christmas story, same as always. After this service, we headed in to a township about 10 minutes away and sat through another service. Darin had the kids outside the whole time because they were a little out of control. It was nice for us to be back in an area that felt more familiar to us.

Now it is close to 4:30. Our kids are out on a walk, Darin is watching a poker tournament, my mom is sleeping and I am catching up on what will be one of our final posts from Africa. There are plans to go to yet another church tonight, but Darin and I will be staying home with our kids to get them to bed on time. Fenna's daughter is a nurse at a children's home near by, so we are planning on visiting her there tomorrow. We'll let you know what other fun we end up having.

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