Saturday, December 11, 2010

Giving Gifts-2010

Tonight we exchanged gifts with the kids. This next week is going to be a busy one and the kids and I are already flying out on Saturday morning for Washington, so we figured today was the least busy day to do this, and it gives our kids plenty of time to play with their new stuff. 

Our leaning tower of tree-za
 A couple weeks ago, when I was wrapping some presents, the kids asked for some wrapping paper to wrap things up for Darin and me. They worked very hard at their wrapping and had been waiting patiently for us to see what they chose for us.
One of the presents they wrapped
 We let the kids take turns photographing us opening our gifts. Here is the most flattering shot of me and a headless shot of Darin.

 Jori gave up 2 of her bears, Tyson sacrificed a reptile book and a compass, we each got a stem from a broken pair of glasses, some cardboard "computers", a bookmark and the most useful gift of all, a pack of gum.
Our little pile of goodies

A pack of gum the kids swiped from our drawer : )
Next, it was time for the kids to open their gifts. They each started out with something small, but as you can tell, it doesn't take much to make these kids smile!

Tyson and his new pill box
Love these kids!

Next is Tyson with most of his "big" gift. He is now the proud owner of a harmonica and instruction book, a motocross shirt, and a NASCAR racing outfit. The pill box and harmonica set are a couple of the things that Darin and I picked up at our small group white elephant gift exchange earlier this week. Thanks Louzons!
Our harmonica playing race car driver. What a combo!
Now it was time for Jori to open her gifts. First she opened her own package, and while she seemed to like it, she was also kind of ambivalent. Then she and Charity (her doll) opened Charity's gift and she got a little more excited. See for yourself!
Matchy match fun!

We all had a wonderful night, complete with an excellent dinner that I will post about later! Enjoy the videos, but please ignore my impatient sounding voice!

Boo. For some reason I can only upload one video! I've tried several times, but it is not working. Just imagine Jori opening up her little outfit and kind of tossing it to the side, then opening Charity's little outfit (after first having Charity try to open it herself) and still not really getting it, then Darin saying "Doesn't that look like something else" and then she realizes they are matching little outfits and she is happy. Hopefully we'll get the video up another time!


Anonymous said...

I love the gifts that the kids gave to you guys! How special!! I would have loved to have been a little mouse and watched as you guys opened the gifts from the kids! Memorable times!
Hugs to all of you, especially those two little cuties! Love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

What a fun night! Love all the funny little gifts they gave you and Darin... too cute! I love Jori and Charity's matching outfits- adorable! :)