Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Programs 2010

This week both kids had their school Christmas programs. Tyson's was Tuesday night and Jori's was Wednesday morning. It was fun to see them both up on stage performing. They are still young enough that they are excited about what they are doing and actually want to be there!

Here are a couple videos from Tyson's program. He is in the second to top row, far right side, second kid in wearing a blue shirt. 

I love this version of "How Great our Joy". It was a little peppy and upbeat and I love to see kids dance!

Darin couldn't make it to Jori's program, so I made sure to take plenty of video for him to see. I tried taking pictures, but because of the Christmas lights on stage, they all ended up looking pretty blurry.

This one is a little fuzzy, but I love watching her do the motions:

 I love this one too, especially during the second verse when her "no" is a little ahead of everyone else.
And one more, just because she's so cute:
I wish we could have been this close for Tyson's program, but it was CRAZINESS in the church and we are just glad we didn't end up in the balcony. 


retha said...

Something to keep enjoying years from now.

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute! Mollie and Cody enjoyed watching the videos with me. :) Hope you are having a wonderful time in WA with your family! Give your mom a hug for me. Love you and Merry Christmas!! Tami