Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rivalry, Revelry and Reading a Book

Here are some videos that give a glimpse into a pretty typical day around here (the whole Urgent Care thing is NOT part of a typical day. Thank you Jesus!)

First, a typical day involves Jori dancing. Twirling is her specialty. Watching Jori twirl tends to make Tyson feel sick, which leads to yelling and even more vigorous twirling! While we are so blessed to have kids that actually LOVE to play with each other, they do have their moments of rivalry. Little Miss Jori can really make a scene when she feels her brother has done something mean to her.

Next we have a continuation of the fighting, more dancing and lots of laughter. I have been trying to sit back and let Tyson and Jori figure things out on their own (except when they say things like "I'll kill you", then I usually say something), and it has been great to see that they usually get over whatever they were fighting about and get back to having fun!

Finally, we have a new reader in the house! Tyson recently started participating in the Accelerated Reader program at school. He LOVES it and Darin and I love listening to him read. He does quite a bit of ad libbing for the camera, but the first part of every sentence is what is says in the book. He is so proud of his new found reading skills.

So these aren't the only things that take place in our day, but they are every day occurrences for the Fey family.


pjvs said...

Loved the twirly videos. Finally got Chad to help me get sound going so I hed sound too.
Oh yes, the down hill snow slide was a blast. I think we could even make the luge runs with that

Anonymous said...

Mollie and I loved watching the videos this morning! She was just sitting there smiling when Jori was dancing (Mollie does the same thing!) and was pretty amazed that Tyson was reading the book "all by himself!" :) Very cute!


La Shawn said...

Way to go Tyson!!!! What a cool dude you are reading!!1 You will have to teach Kaden when we come to your house this summer!
And Jori you look beautiful dancing!!
Love and miss you all!
Aunti Shawny