Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas in Lynden -part 2

Ok, we left off with the cousins and Aunties and everyone else arriving. It was wonderful to have so much of the family together in one place. It would have been great if Danny and SooHee could have been there as well, but I am just glad we saw them this summer!

Being in a house with so many people, things are bound to get a little silly. The kids found Papa John's wig and decided to try it on:
Tyson in the wig
Pebbles looking like one of the Beatles
Maybe it's better that he doesn't have much hair...
Jori with her thick, dark locks
On Christmas Eve, Darin and Josh arrived with Pebbles and all the girls went to church with my parents that night. On Christmas day, we all kind of laid low (at least that is how I remember things) and then we had a really nice ham dinner that afternoon and then it was time to open presents.
New gloves from Papa and Gram
Barbie clothes from Kelsey
Money and a free hamburger coupon from the Molan's and Auntie Kristi : )

Thanks Uncle Josh!

Molan kids unwrapping their present from Papa and Gram
Papa and Gram getting hugs for the new Wii
Mario Cart and a new Wii fit for the Fey's
We all made out like bandits. I think my favorite things to watch people open were the gifts from Josh. He is in the process of moving (eventually to California) and had recently cleaned out his house. Darin and I received a meat thermometer, which will be handy when we braai (grill out) in South Africa. My parents received a down comforter that Josh was allergic too (I'd have snapped it up if we were staying in the states!), a duvet cover and a mattress pad. My sisters received the best things. Laurie got some swiffer wet pads, with no swiffer (although my mom later dug it out of Josh's trash) and a really nice insulated cooler bag and Kristi got a wine aerator and some spices. I loved laughing with my whole family as each of us opened our gifts! My parents made all the kids (and parents) happy and gave Wii's and Wii fits to everyone. Gage and Sawyer got theirs on Sunday, so they weren't left out. My sisters gave me a necklace, which I absolutely love.

It has parts of two Bible verses on it-Deuteronomy 31:8, which says "The Lord Himself goes before me and He will be with me" and Deuteronomy 30:19 "Listen to His voice; Hold fast to Him". I love it and if I had been forced to read the verses when it was given to me, I would have broken down in tears. So if you didn't know before, I love it and am so touched by the words on it!

The rest of the night was spent hanging out, playing the new Wii games and just relaxing.

Mario Cart
Our favorite pooch
My husband


retha said...

Not too far off from our home is a bakery we like to visit -obviously to have something from - it is called "Molen"

Anonymous said...

Swiffer wet pads with no Swiffer- LOL! That one made me crack me up! :) Tami